This is why healthy knees breakdown

The human body is a collection of incredibly complex systems and components that all work together in perfect concert to produce some truly tremendous results, but one of the most complex “subsystems” in the body has to be the collection of muscles, tendons, and bones that all come together to create the human knee.

Healthy knees are an absolute miracle of biological engineering. Each and every single component, all of the muscles come all of the ligaments, and all of the tendons (not to mention a healthy amount of cartilage and soft tissue throughout) all work together to allow your need to flex this way and that while also allowing you to move about freely – even though this joint is supporting the overwhelming majority of your body’s weight and fighting against gravity at the exact same time.

knees breakdown 1

The only problem is that healthy knees very often don’t stay healthy, but instead tend to “blow up” when you least expect them to. This happens with alarming frequency these days, and according to the World Health Organization, close to 70% of the adult population has at least a minor issue with one of their knees or will in the future, and make no mistake – knee pain can make your life miserable.

This is why otherwise healthy knees breakdown.

Sheer force and friction

As mentioned above, the overwhelming majority of your body weight is going to be pulled down by the force of gravity on to your knees and the joints have to be strong enough to support this weight whenever you are on your feet.

With people eating more and more sedentary lives a dangerous perfect storm of conditions is occurring.

On the one hand, folks are getting heavier and heavier which means more weight is going to be placed upon these joints on a routine basis. On the other hand, sitting down or laying down all the time means that the joints and muscles in your knees are nowhere as strong as they need to be – and that spells big trouble for your otherwise healthy knees.

knees breakdown 2

Cartilage wears away and tendons tear

On top of that, the cartilage that is in between your knee joints (the soft tissue that allows your knee bones to flex against one another without shredding them to pieces) is eventually going to wear away over time and you use.

Your tendons (the body components responsible for anchoring your knee joint in place) are also going to be flexing this way and that, and eventually they tend to tear apart altogether – and that means that your knee is going to flop around unless it is surgically repaired.

There’s a lot going on in your knees, but since most of it is beneath the surface folks just aren’t sure of what’s happening or why. That’s why need injuries are so surprising.